Sabtu, 26 November 2011

love u all forever < 3 < 3

 Love friends for ever


                                                      kami bersatu dalam satu bumbumg..

                                                        haha..sweet gila lah kowg..like3
                                                         menyelit jew yg kat belakang 2..
                                                      member forever..syg kowg lebih la..
                                               smile..hhehe..dpat gus snap pic na ckgu hairus..
                                                   (2thn leh tunggu lagi 1 blh xley tunggu) 
                                                              ehehe..just kidding.. 
sayang korg ketat2 doh..<3
aipp makcik buat ape 2..hahhha
                                                   muke mcm bru lepas nangis jew..haha
                                                        tpi comel2...:Pwekzz
                                                       bajet gile kowg hahha...
                                                                  syg kowg ketat2....:P

haipp ..>: Pwekzz ... short time are out of school .. not even aware there have been two years of my erm ... sad ...:( smtdsmz crazy are out of school for a short while ago nie rindulah you all .. ~ ~ ~ uhuh ...

forgive my sins if I have terkasar language with you ...:) i hope it is excused ye .. hehe miss you tight tight docking Plebih2pula ...:@...: "{.... hope you find it is more ukesy ....:_ harap2lah: _ ~ ~ this time is I love you ....: Pbaginofonkowgnanti: Phehehe call2 .. ... .. im not the story of the promise is to communicate with you ... <3 <3 <3

pown stomach is okay I'm going hungry, eat first on arrival ..."{ laparlapar :{ remember you do not want to play fun this year ...: Psamalahyangckppown: Peekeekke ...
k hope you happy with your family is you .. "{xnaknakal2: P. .. do not forget to pray two when I sat home ...,,...: Pheh syag you to death ... <3 <3 <3
bye ... muah3 /

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